Is This Play Good? Do You Like It?
The Blue Hour
Dissolution // Black Cat Lost
The Doing Drugs & Dying in Space Ritual II
Goddamn Geniuses
The Joys of Going Somewhere Definite
The Effects of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds
Hatchet Lady
Mary Shelly Sees The Future
The Doing Drugs & Dying in Space Ritual
The Party House
FAUST (Save Me or I'll Die)
Red Death
I Saw the Best Minds of My Generation
Friedrich Schiller Writes The Robbers
‘THAT’s what makes her an icon’

Poster by Colton McCarty

April 2019

a celebration of Blackness and the Black artistic renaissance currently blooming in Chicago. we hope to touch, the expansive surface of human experience. perceive us then, perceive us now.

DJ’s: Phalene // Bone Reader // DJ Simmy

Skin Deep // written Monet Felton // directed by Jalyn Greene // starring Jordan Marie Ford & Kiayla Ryann

Color Blind Casting // written by Antwon Funches // directed by Jerluane Jenkins // starring Jabari Khaliq, Rose Mozier, & Nick Hassebrock

art installation: Tosh

April 25, 2019 @ Oggi Gallery 7:00 pm

co-produced Top Pop Productions, Oggi Gallery, & Margo Rush

Created & curated by Jo Schaffer


poster by Gannon Reedy

February 2019

Fresh off a sold-out run in Montreal, Azealia Banks & Grimes are Trapped in Elon’s Mansion. Join the Runaways Lab for the U.S. debut of Joe Bagel’s scandalous cyber-comedy. You will clap. You will scream. It’s “a disgusting zoo of squalid villains!” and it’s not to be missed.

Cast: Elon Musk: Gannon Reedy / Grimes: Eleni Sauvageau / Azealia Banks: Da Geisha Mane / Jarrett Walker: Dylan Fahoome / Mayor of Los Angeles: Colton McCarty / Jay-Z: Antwon Funches / Siri: Elena Chimera /

ONE - NIGHT - ONLY (Saturday, February 23, 2019) @ The Crowd Theater, $10 tickets at the door. First come, first served. BYOB.

Written by Joe Bagel & directed by Jessie McCarty


poster by Gannon Reedy

February 2019

An experiment helmed by Logan Hart, this mysterious, recursive work is concerned with the creative autonomy of the actor.

Using the poetry of Wislawa Szymborska and the music of Tchaikovsky to inspire practical work on action, Hart and collaborator Lauren Valice will compose a performance rooted in their rigorous physical acting experiments.

Secret location, one-night-only.


(Photo by Matthew Gregory Hollis)


July 2018

A science-fiction double riddled with existential angst & cybernetic spectacle.

Ysentia: a one-of-a-kind cybernetic being awakes on a deserted planet, her creators having long ago moved on. She sets off on a quest across the galaxy to discover the purpose of her creation among the ashes of a dying universe.

The Adventures of Astro-Man: young Johnny Ridgemont loves watching T.V., even as an epic struggle for the future of the planet rages on outside the door of his family’s home. Johnny loves T.V. so much, he doesn’t need to think about what his Mother’s real job is- and what might be the in the cold glass of grade-A USDA-approved Homogenized milk he drinks every night before bed. Will Johnny be able to step away from the television before it’s too late?

CAST // Jo Schaffer: Astro-Man/Bartender // Eleni Sauvageau: Johnny Ridgemont/Lemont // Jalyn Green: Kathleen Ridgemont/Dr. Robotica // Nick Hassebrock: Doughy Dick/Edward Ridgemont/President

PUPPET DESIGN // Jacklynn Kelsey // Daniel Lizano

SET DESIGN // Joy Ahn // Sophie Blood

LIGHTS + MAKEUP // Cassandra Kendall

PRODUCER // Jessie McCarty


PLAYWRIGHT // Daniel Mozurkewich

DIRECTOR // Gannon Reedy

Is This Play Good? Do You Like It?
Is This Play Good? Do You Like It?

(Photo by Jessie McCarty)


September 12, 2018

(part III of Lab, a different kind of play reading series)

Two speakers get ready for their performance dedicated to a 1990’s David Duchovny.

CAST // Elena Chimera as Guy One // Colton McCarty as Supporting Guy // Taylor Morgan as Tech-man

PROJECTIONS // Jessie McCarty

WRITER + DIRECTOR // Jessie McCarty

The Blue Hour
The Blue Hour

(Photo by Joe Goudreault)


May-August, 2018

(based on L’Heure Bleue by Elisa Gabbert)

An exploration of desire and memory in the age of mass surveillance, The Blue Hour is a dreamy cocktail hour-cum theatrical performance. Five versions of the character, Judy, are performed by non-traditional actors, including two novelists, a Butoh dancer, and a hospice nurse. The Blue Hour is a theatrical adaptation of Elisa Gabbert’s poetry collection L’Heure Bleue, which is an adaptation of Wallace Shawn’s play, The Designated Mourner.

The premiere performance was part of The Comfort Station’s Force and Motion series. It was revived at an apartment in Hyde Park. The performances were sold-out.

PRODUCERS // The Comfort Station // The Runaways Lab // Black Ocean Press

CAST // Eileen Colwell as Judy // Maryse Meijer as Judy // Kathleen Rooney as Judy // Eleni Sauvageau as Judy // Sara Zalek as Judy


WRITER // Elisa Gabbert

DIRECTOR // Logan Berry

Dissolution // Black Cat Lost
Dissolution // Black Cat Lost

April + May 2018

(part I and II, respectively, of Lab, a different kind of play reading series)

Dissolution, the process of dissolving, intersects mental illness, substance-abuse, lay narratives and suicide in a naturalistic exploration of the obviously surreal.

Ralph is 51, a virgin and goes to AA meetings everyday though he's never had a drink in his life. Coincidences cause him to question reality after he finds that the world really is incredibly small--so small that in Chicago he might actually dissolve.

CAST // Nate as Sam // Magdalen Kay as Gloria // Rick Rapp as Ralph // Jose Nateras as Phillip // Lauren Wells as Margaret

MUSIC // Nire Nah

DIRECTOR // Sarah Patin

PLAYWRIGHT // Jo Schaffer


The second iteration of LAB by Runaways Lab features two parts:

1. An experimental, interactive audience reading directed by Maggie Vaughn.
2. A performance of BLACK CAT LOST, directed by Spencer Ryan Diedrick.

There will be no description of the first part, but come ready to play. The Second part is as follows:

Erin Courtney's BLACK CAT LOST explores grief's twists and turns through unexpected shifts in style and form, including dance parties, Zen poetry, and Our Town-style folksiness. As three actors (known only as Left, Right, and Centered) play a variety of characters and travel the emotional spectrum, we hope you'll lean in and connect to their journey. TRIGGER WARNING: Discussion of cancer, and a sudden scream of anger.

CAST // Darío Fernando Carrión // Amelia Bethel // Cyd Moody


SPECIAL THANKS // Cameron Petti // Sarah Patin.

The Doing Drugs & Dying in Space Ritual II
The Doing Drugs & Dying in Space Ritual II

(Photo by Nico Fernandez)


Nov 9-12, 2017

Do you wanna get RIPPED on the REAL WEIRDO ART THING? You do. I can tell by the way you're still reading this copy.

And to this We, The Runaways Lab Theater, say

"HELL YES" - Hell Yes, Indeed, for we all need a little TASTE of THE VOID.

This VOID is a taste the Doing Drugs And Dying In Space provides, along with these Kickin' Flavors:

- KILLER PLAYZ all dealing with the Heady Weirdo themes of Space, Crankin on Heavies, and Exiting this Mortal Coil

- COMFORTABLE SEATS for the Bourgeois and Proletariat alike

- A BAR of reasonable prices


So get out and dig it if you know what's good for ya! And sorry for calling you an idiot at the beginning of this show description!!!!

PIECES WRITTEN BY // Daniela Olszewska // Toby Altman // David Seeber // John J Entright // Larissa Zageris // Mike Booker // Seraphina Violet Cueller // Wyn Evans // Judson Hamilton + Rauan Klassnik

DIRECTED BY // Mike Booker // Stephen Kropa // Logan Berry // Jay Van Ort // JD Caudill // Dani Wieder // Aaron Arbiter // Spencer Diedrick // Colin David // Dan Mozurkewich

LIGHTS // Cassandra Kendall


(Photo by Nico Fernandez)


June 30 -July 29, 2017

(Produced with Pop Magic Productions)

The Portrait of Dorian Gray brings you on a wild ride through violence, empathy, and the lack thereof.

In our reworking of the classic, Dorian Gray is a young woman from a wealthy suburban family, who is discovered while riding the Pink Line by Ivy, an SAIC drop out & tattoo artist. When Ivy’s trust fund party boi / aspiring art dealer ex, “Lord” Henry sees Ivy’s sketch of Dorian’s face, Henry knows that the piece could make both his and Ivy’s names. With Ivy’s panicked refusal to part with the picture, Henry sets his sights on a new protege: Dorian herself. On Henry’s insistence that she has the face of a model, Dorian enters the elusive world of social media and self-promotion. Soon, Dorian falls for Sybil Vane, a beautiful Instagram star. When Dorian discovers not everything is as it seems, she learns that wearing a mask can be a powerful tool for manipulating others.

This production, spearheaded by Olivia Lilley, was a devised and completely collaborative experience rooted in Wilde’s text and based on improvisation. It featured an all female and gender non-conforming cast.

CAST // Peter Wilde // Jojo Brown // Kat Christensen // Mary Kate Young // Dorothy Humphrey

CREATIVE // Katie Friedman (Costumes) // Devonte Washington (Stage Manager) // Sarah Patin (Movement/Acting Coach) // Kellen Robinson (Violence Choreographer) // Ariana Silvan-Grau (Marketing) // Caitlin Joy Shantz (Assistant Producer) // Jay Van Ort (Assistant Director) // The Ensemble, Lilley, & Wilde (Writers) // Olivia Lilley (Director)


(Photo by Lifan Li)


June, 2017 at Mana Contemporary

(co-produced by High Concept Labs )

November, 2017 at The DeBartolo Performing Arts Center in South Bend Indiana

(co-produced by the University of Notre Dame’s Creative Writing Program)

Aboard a hijacked containership, Julian Assange leads a chorus of Dead Youth—youngsters killed in violent circumstances such as war, factories, or senior prom—to Magnetic Island to upload them to the Internet before they completely decay.

Premiering Dead Youth, or, The Leaks marks the Runaways first collaboration with acclaimed polymath-writer McSweeney, whose best works, “like a great horror film, calls [our fears] up from the depths to the shuddering twilit surface”, according to the La Review of Books. Our contemporary moment makes a play that brings to light the veiled violence that makes capitalism possible all the more urgent. McSweeney writes like it’s the end of the world and in face of the void, art-making gains urgency. It asks difficult questions and erects circuitries among disparate disciplines.

CAST // Dylan Fahoome // Will Green // Candace Hundell // Ronen Kohn // Quenna Lené // Gannon Reedy // Jo Schaffer // Maggie Vaughn


MEAT DEITY // Mariel Harari

PRODUCERS // Billie Howard // Olivia Lilley



COSTUME DESIGN // Mikaila Von Merr


DRAMATURGY & SET DESIGN // Jack Gruszczynski


PLAYWRIGHT // Joyelle McSweeney

DIRECTOR // Logan Berry

Goddamn Geniuses
Goddamn Geniuses

(Photo by Matthew Gregory Hollis)


February 10th- March 5th, 2017

Explore the limitations of live entertainment as the heralds of quantum physics launch into a gender blurred reality where anything can happen to a docile scientist.

At the 1927 Solvay conference a group of brilliant physicists engage in a passionate discussion about the nature of reality and the relationships that define who they are. Then, a time traveling pleasure-surfer with a briefcase full of swords, firearms, and magic bandanas, interrupts them. He alerts them to the hundreds of transdimensional demons hot on their heels and hungry for blood. A play both ambitious in intellect and breathless in stupidity, it pushes the capacity of onstage chaos to radical heights.

WRITTEN BY // Nathaniel Shane and Gannon Reedy

DIRECTED BY // Gannon Reedy


DRAMATURGY // Maggie Vaughn and Malvika Jolly

COSTUMES // Mikaila Jasso

SET + PROP DESIGN // Frances McKearn

Fight Choreography by Kai Young

Lighting by Andrew Leumkhul

Stage Manager: Laura Swierzbin


Nick Hassebrock

Ross Childs

Elizabeth Rinaldi

Erin Kathryn Morrill

Jillian Leff

Lauren Thompson

Eleni Sauvageau

Nicholas Benz

Trenton McFatridge

Nick Villalon

Polley Cooney

Aaron Wertheim

The Joys of Going Somewhere Definite
The Joys of Going Somewhere Definite

December 5, 2016

(a free public reading)

CAST // Zach Hebert // Logan Berry // David Seeber // Kenya Ann Hall // Emme WIlliams // Chip Hammlet // Bret Koontz

DIRECTOR // Erin Kathryn Morrill

The Effects of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds
The Effects of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds

September 22, 2015

(a free public reading)

CAST // Tillie- Elizabeth Brown // Beatrice- Maggie Vaughn // Ruth- Steph Vondell // Janice Vickery- Alyson Morrill

TEXT // Paul Zindel

DIRECTOR // Erin Kathryn Morrill

Hatchet Lady
Hatchet Lady

(Photo by Matthew Gregory Hollis)


Jan 28 - Feb 25

(part of the Curious Theater Branch’s 28th Annual Rhinofest)

A Saints Play for a martyr that no one ever wanted. A celebration of women with hatchets.

In 1900, Carry Amelia Nation drove a horse and cart to Kiowa, Kansas, on a mission from God. She went into the first saloon she found and smashed the place up with a small hatchet, believing that she was saving her fellow Americans from the curse of the demon rum. Hatchet Lady is an original riot grrl rock musical with a cast of five women and a live band. An altar to the powers of destruction, complete with dancing horses, angels, NPR journalists and a tornado.

WRITTEN BY // Savannah Reich

DIRECTED BY // Olivia Lilley

MUSIC BY // Luc Parker

LIVE BAND // Justin Fink, Zeph Joe, Hanna Brock, & Austin C. Pruett


STAGE-MANAGED BY // Peter Danger Wilde

STARRING // Carly Wicks as Carry Nation / Frances


Caitlin Joy Shantz

Katelyn Douglass

BabyBee Kirby

& Jasmine Henri Jordan

Mary Shelly Sees The Future
Mary Shelly Sees The Future

(Photo by Matthew Gregory Hollis)


Oct 21 - Nov 13, 2016

A world premiere by Runaways founder Olivia Lilley, Mary Shelley is a body-swapping, time-traveling odyssey with comedic and gothic textures.

On a stormy night in Italy circa 1822, Mary Shelley - author of Frankenstein, outcast, daughter of a feminist vanguard - makes a wish and finds herself in the body of a queer female novelist in Chicago, 2016. Mary’s progressive ideas about women in the world appear to have found their home, but Mary struggles with her new friends’ views of Mary Shelley, the historical figure and the legacy of her work. Meanwhile, Mya is hurtled back in time and into the body of Mary Shelley. What she finds is hardly the polite, old world of her daydreams. In this blasphemous bio-play, Lilley challenges the ideas of aesthetic and political “progress” and asks us to consider the true monstrosities among us.

Written/Directed by // Olivia Lilley

Choreography/Movement by // Cheryl Nowlin

Assistant Directed by // Anna Hendrix

Dramaturgy by // Malvika Jolly

Acted By //

Nico Fernandez

Daniel Mozurkewich

Natalie Joyce Smith

Peter Wilde

Alexia Jasmene

Magdalen Vaughn

Kenya Hall

Rebecca Joy Fletcher

Starring Sarah Patin and Lindsey Tindall as Mary Shelley / Mya, respectively.


(Art by Gannon Reedy)

July 16, 2016

Created and Curated by Gannon Reedy

A Radical Museum Opening Night. Sponsored in part by Voice of the City.

Featuring exhibits following the history of The Runaways Lab Theatre from 2012-2116.

FOLLOW The Runaways from their inception in punk houses, through the Doing Drugs and Dying in Space Ritual and into the future.

RELIVE the great discord of the 21st century, including THE 2020 THEATER WARS, THE FALL OF THE COASTS, and THE RISE OF THE CHICAGO CITY STATE.

BEHOLD the clash of robo warfare and the long awaited FALL of The Runaways.


Radical artifacts, music visual art, interactive exhibits, re-enactments and revelry await.

FEATURING // DJ Ariel Zetina



(Brought to you by the all male identifying Post-America's Pre-American Revolutionary Shakespeare Society)

Casey Toney

David Seeber

Daniel Mozurkewich

Wyn Evans

Ross Childs and Max Correa


January 22nd through February 26th, 2016

(Part of the Curious Theater Branch’s 27th Annual Rhinoceros Theater Festival)

Director/Warden // Erin Kathryn Morrill

Writer/Prisoner // Logan Breitbart

Guardian // Edward Marks

Security Ushers // Gannon Reedy and Ryan Wright

Prop Fabrication // Janice Lim

PRESS (The Chicago Reader) // "The Runaways Lab Theatre's Jail is also politically inclined: a 40-minute visit with an inmate at Auburn Correctional Facility, the New York prison that pioneered solitary confinement....It's most powerful statement comes at the start, when Breitbart appears in a hood that at once recalls both the head of a rhino and the infamous photos from Abu Ghraib."

The Doing Drugs & Dying in Space Ritual
The Doing Drugs & Dying in Space Ritual

(Art by Gannon Reedy)


March 24-27, 2017

Created & Curated by Gannon Reedy

The Runaways Lab Theatre has pondered the unfathomable questions presented by the universe and are proud to announce THE ANSWERS. Presenting the Doing Drugs And Dying In Space Ritual: 12 short plays about getting loaded and biting it in the eternal void.

ENGAGE with psychedelic depravity of the highest caliber!

GAZE into the abyss and dig it gazing also!

BEHOLD real-life rituals by the legendary D'DYAS SPACE CULT!


Features short plays by // Logan Dean, Spenser Davis, Joe Goudreault, Wyn Evans, Andrew Bentley, John J. Enright, Francesca Pazniokas, Josh Graber, Dan DeSalva, Kathleen Rooney, Kramer St John, and Martin Seay.

Directed by // Maggie Vaughn, Vivian Ellis, Logan Berry, Frances Colleen, JD Caudill, Sarah Patin, Cheryl Nowlin, Jennifer Hogan, Olivia Lilley, Hannah Sawicki, and Gannon Reedy.

Performers // Bill Chill, Ben Ross, Arielle Von Hippel, Nelia Miller, Sarah Lo, Marrissa Coccaro, Kristin Mann, Nate Earnest, Jordy Williams, Ross Childs, Nick Hasselbrock, Vincent Greco, Roy Rainey, Liz Conway, Michael O’Neill, Ally Subak, Ross Flores, Maximillian Correa, Mel Forrest, Blair Britt, Andrew Coulford, Nathaniel Shane, Jacob Eugene Horn, Danielle Spence, Jason Amplo, Janice Lim, Melinda Reyes, Dan Mozurkewich, Grace Palmer, Alejandro Tey, Shawn Morgenlander

Lighting Design // Andrew LehmKuhl

Stage Managed // Erin Kathryn Morrill

Distress choreography // Sarah Lo

Music // Mike Davis, Ian Benedetti, DJ Farsight

Space station designer // Janice Lim

Production Assistance // Danielle Spence & Shelby Galny

Sponsors // Saint Lucia’s Smoke Shop, Half Acre, Koval Distillery, Intelligencia Coffee, and Brooklyn Boulders.

Producer // Maggie Vaughn

The Party House
The Party House

(Photo by Matthew Gregory Hollis)


Sep. 3rd – Sep. 27th, 2015

What happens when one person’s memories of a pinnacle time in their life are fictionalized by a group to create an entirely new experience? We will find out.

Chronicling the glorious adventures of 211 S. Neville, the house on the hill behind the Catholic boys’ school, “The Party House” is a re-enactment / re-imagining of a year, recorded hand painstakingly by one house scribe. In our story, we call her Odette. Shirtless O’Clock, Beer Showers, and waking up in the morning feelin like P. Diddy are resurrected through the collaborative efforts of 14 actors, the ghost of 17 notebooks, and the scattered memories of 1 director.


Magdalen Vaughn

Nelia Miller

Sarah Jo Alo

Ross Childs

Ryan Wright

Jordan Arredondo

Logan Berry

Nicholas Hassebrock

Maximillian Correa

Austin Pruett

Jordan Shomer

Sarah Patin

Steph Vondell


Costumes by Mikaila Von Merr

Movement/Choreography by Cheryl Cornacchione Nowlin

Written/Directed by Olivia Lilley

FAUST (Save Me or I'll Die)
FAUST (Save Me or I'll Die)

(Photo by Matthew Gregory Hollis)


Feb. 27th – Mar. 22nd, 2015

A cautionary tale of a world renowned scholar approaching death, certain he’s done everything wrong in life, so he makes a pact with the Devil, trading his soul for youth, beauty, and everything he wants on earth.”Faust: Part 1” by Johann Von Goethe in 19 different secret locations across the City of Chicago, from Pilsen to Roger’s Park. The show will never be performed twice in the same space.


Gannon Reedy as Faust,

Sarah Patin as Gretchen

Erin Kathryn Morrill as Mephisto

Roy Rainey as Spirit/Evil Spirit/Male Meerkat

Ben Kaye as Wagner/Valentin/Animal/Lord of the Rats

Lindsey Tindall as God/The Witch/Marthe/Lieschen


Directed by Olivia Lilley

By Goethe & The Ensemble

Poetry Advisor: Kenyatta Rogers

Costumes: Mikaila Von Merr

Red Death
Red Death

(Photo by Beth Rooney)


Oct. 9th – Nov. 1st, 2014

Presenting a classic tale with a dark twist. In a smoky inspector’s office, a man desperate for answers reopens the case of the ‘opera ghost’. He drives deep into a world of divas and deviants, grasping for any clue to unravel the mystery- and stop the murderous phantom. But is all what it seems? Whose story is the truth? His quest brings him face to face with the wonders and horrors lurking behind the curtain, but will he ever get out of the labyrinth?

By presenting the police enquiry centre stage, and developing some of the secondary characters along unexpected lines, Red Death breathes new life into the narrative while remaining faithful to the spirit of the original. While much of the text is taken from Leroux, Red Death convincingly offers an ingenious and innovative take on this haunting story.”

– Mireille Ribière, translator of The Phantom of the Opera (Penguin, 2009) & co-writer of Red Death.


The Inspector: Gannon Reedy

The Persian: Kelly Jean

Erik: Nathan Shaine

Christine Daaé: Hope Barnes

Raoul Du Chagny: Gary Henderson

Carlotta: Leah Generous

Madame Giry: Erin Kathryn Morrill

Joseph Buquet: Nyle Robert Kenning

The Managers: Roy Rainey

Meg Giry: Shaina Schrooten

Little Jammes: Maggie Vaughn


Written by Olivia Lilley & Mireille Ribière

Director: Olivia Lilley

Lighting Designer: Claire Sangster

Costume/Makeup/Hair Designer: Mikaila Von Merr

Choreographer: Cheryl Nowlin

Fight Director: Christoph Ziegler

Fight Captain: Gary Henderson

Graphic Designer: Kevin Risinger

Marketing Director: Andrea Beschel

Production Stage Manager/Prop Design: Ann Kreitman

Spiritual Advisors: Jeannette Gomes, Erin Kathryn Morrill

Special thanks to our Guest Collaborator:

Mireille Ribière – Writer & Translator

Mireille Ribière is the author of numerous publications in the fields of literature and the visual arts, including photobooks.

I Saw the Best Minds of My Generation
I Saw the Best Minds of My Generation

(Art by Brittany Steiner)

Apr. 24th – May 4th, 2014

Part “Beat” play, part live action documentary, ‘I Saw The Best Minds of My Generation’ blew up and dissected what it is to witness the birth of fame and the death of obscurity.


Amalia Mathewson, Gannon Reedy, Christoph Zaigler, Emilie Modaff, Roy Rainey, Kelly Jean, Ross Lemmon, Nathaniel Shaine, Hope Barnes, & Sarah Patin


Written by the Ensemble Directed by Olivia Lilley

Lighting by Dakota Parobek

Original Score by Amanda Breslow

Costumes/Hair/Makeup by Mikaila Von Merr

Movement Coach: Jordan Reinwald

Poetry Consultation: Russ Woods, Jeanette Gomes, Nathan Masserang

Short Film Production: Mitchell Rathberger, Max Rathberger

Friedrich Schiller Writes The Robbers
Friedrich Schiller Writes The Robbers

(Photo by Beth Rooney)


Nov. 7th – Nov. 24th, 2013

The Runaways present a new take on the first play by a giant of Romanticism. In "Friedrich Schiller Writes The Robbers", we speculate and dream about what it must have felt like for Schiller to go from military school cadet on a path to a medical career to radical, vagabond banished without a care in the world other than to write the truth about the world he saw around him.

In our production, the story of "The Robbers" comes to life in the infirmary where it was written in secret. In the coughing, the stillness, and the candlelight, Schiller's imagination takes over and his characters come to life through himself, his fellow cadets, and their beautiful, tormented dictator, "The Nurse".

Through the act of creation, Schiller finds solace, clarity, and the courage to rebel, in the face of poverty, banishment, and certain defeat.

Friedrich Schiller went onto become one of the most important writer/philosophers of the 19th century.

Based on a true story.


Charles Askenaizer as Franz/Robber/Cadet

Gannon Reedy as Pastor Moser/Priest/Count Moor/Robber/Cadet

John Wesley Hughes as Daniel/Kosinsky/Cadet

Andy Blaustein as Speigelberg/Herrmann/Cadet

Maggie Scrantom as Amalia/Nurse

Roy Rainey as Karl/Friedrich Schiller


Directed by Olivia Lilley, Written by the Ensemble

Assistant Director: Alex Parobek

Dramaturg: Shelly Horwitz

Assistant Producer: Gus Steiner


(Photo by Beth Rooney)

Jul. 25th – Aug. 11th, 2013

CAST // Joseph Ramski, Adam Shalzi, Crispin Rosenkranz, Tyler Pistorius, Katie Haynes, and John Mobley

ORIGINAL SCORE BY // Jessica Salzinski

WRITTEN BY // Olivia Lilley & the ensemble

DIRECTOR // Olivia Lilley

‘THAT’s what makes her an icon’
‘THAT’s what makes her an icon’

An actress too scared to move to New York or LA meets a punk band determined to live fast and die young.

A singer/songwriter, who grew up in the Mountains of Virginia without a computer or a TV, tells her family she wants to play for the world. So a distant relative gets her an audition for “American Icon”.

After inheriting his fortune, the grandson of a late Hip Hop Mogul comes face to face with the world his granddaddy and crew made a name for themselves exploiting.

A humble computer programmer becomes a millionaire over night.

(Photo by Olivia Lilley)


March 28th – March 31st, 2013


Alyssa Rivera, Chelsea Nett, Tyler Pistorius, Ian Smith, Mike Hall, Katie Sherman, Nick Harden, Meredith Montgomery, Katie Haynes, Rachel Simon, Domino Gehred-O’Connell, Danny Hochstatter, Paul Chakrin, Shavar Clark, Ali Mclaughlin, Jon MacFarlene, James Sanders, Rasika Ranganathan, Eugene Kaler, & Adam Shalzi

Written/Directed by // Olivia Lilley

Lighting by // Amanda Herrmann