raison d'être

The Runaways Lab is for audiences that hate theater.

The Runaways Lab is for audiences that love theater, but are sick of it.

"Join us for tea." - The Runaways Lab

The Runaways Lab is a plural entity.

The Runaways Lab cross-pollinates with many mediums.  

The Runaways Lab is nomadic.

The Runaways Lab aims to be geographically & financially accessible.

Poetry, science, mystery, & magick.

Noir light.

Primo weirdo theater.

Squalid maximalist art.

The Runaways Lab is based in Chicago.


company members

Logan Berry (Artistic Director)

Dylan Fahoome

Nicholas Hasselbrock

Jessie McCarty

Dan Mozurkewich

Gannon Reedy (Managing Director, Artistic Director 2016-18)

Eleni Sauvageau

Jo Schaffer

Maggie Vaughn (Artistic Director 2016-18)

executive board

John Enright

Martin Seay

Shane Zimmer

artistic board

Toby Altman

Jessica Anne

Olivia Lilley (founder, former Artistic Director 2013-2015)

Sara Zalek


Erin Kathryn Morrill / Cheryl Nowlin / Sarah Patin / Roy Rainey / Nathaniel Shaine / Mikaila Von Merr / Kelly Jean / Jessica Salzinski / Adam Shalzi

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